COVID-19 is a pandemic of historic proportion and a great test to our way of life.

During this time, our communities are all indebted to the dedicated frontline workers in healthcare and emergency services, the food providers, and the volunteers who continue to be there for us as we adapt to this new reality. BAS is here too.

With another month of Provincial and Federal shut downs a certainty, BAS is set up remotely and remains totally operational, working daily on existing and new projects. For now, our supply chains are slowed but functional and, with necessary precautions, we can continue to do installations.

BAS will work with you through this current climate, and beyond, in order to help you see your projects through to fruition, and, as circumstances allow.

As always, our mission at BAS is to Build Relationships. This is something we can and will continue to do, even while keeping our distance.

From all of us at BAS, be well, keep safe.

Updated November 23, 2020

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